Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Insider Course Explains eBay Secrets to Profits

I'm sure you're aware there's lots
of people making money online today. You've
probably heard about some of the higher
profile Internet Marketers who rake in
millions of dollars every year. They also
travel all around the world going to Internet
Marketing seminars where they discuss the
latest money making strategies and network
with fellow marketers and potential JV

These seminars are located in places like
Orlando, San Francisco, Las Vegas and
Australia. Not bad place to go work huh?
Besides the bonus of being able to enjoy some
sun and local attractions while they are in
these cities, they get to discuss the latest
IM techniques and brainstorm ways to make
even more money.

Ah, the life of the Internet Marketer. It's a
tough job but someone's gotta do it :-)

Are you interested in starting your own
eBay Business? Maybe you're already doing it but
you're struggling to make a buck. Maybe
you're really skeptical and believe that
there is no bloody way the little guy can
make money online.

You might be thinking... sure it's easy if
you have a lot of cash to pay people that are
experts to write content for some hungry
profitable niches that you know nothing
about. Or sure, it's easy to make a lot of
money if you have a list of 100,000 people to
pitch to. Oh, and while I'm talking about lists,
they can just ask their 10 IM buddies
to send out a quick email to promote their
brand spanking new product to THEIR 100,000
member lists too!

Well, come on people, do you really think
that's all it takes to make a mitt full
of cash with Internet Marketing and Ebay?

Well, actually your not too far off. It
could be very well happen this way.

So now you are probably thinking that this
solidifies what you've always thought. The
little guy can't make money online...

... Nonsense!

You gotta remember that these big time money
making marketers were in the exact same
position as you are now. They struggled and
struggled trying to make money and many times
thought they would never succeed.

But they never gave up and they kept on
trying different things until something
worked. Then all they did was repeat the

Once they started making money, they would
re-invest this money in tools to make their
tasks faster and they would start going to
these big IM conventions.

==> eBay Triangulation Method

See where I'm going with this? They had
nothing to begin with... they struggled but
never ever gave up... they stumbled on a
technique or niche market that made them
some money... they then looked for and tested
more techinques or tested a new niche market...
once they started bringing in enough money,
they started going to IM events to learn
new money making tecniques and to meet other
Internet Marketers.

This leads to more money, more IM friends and
JV partners. It's great way to build your

==> eBay Triangulation Method

If they can do it, there is no reason why you
can't do it. Plus you have an advantage...
today there is so much more information
available to help you make money online. Most
of the big names in IM didn't have all this
information available to them and had to
figure it all out through trial and error.

So if you are just a beginner and have no
idea where to get started, here is a FREE
over 100 pages long eBay Report caled
"Ebay Triangulation Method" that will save
you the pain of trying to figure out
everything on your own.

==> eBay Triangulation Method

All the Best,
Bill Whetstone

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