Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Content Curation Strategic Filtering Influencers

Strategic Filtering Influencers

How about Paul Colligan's Heads Up Tuesday?
Or Joe Pollitzi's Junta42....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Content Curation as a Business Model

Content Curation platforms are re-inventing themselves to filter infoglut for all who suffer attention deficit due to too much news stimulation. has re-positioned itself to function as a curation and filtering destination.

Next media curation sites include OneSpot and Curation Station. They provide a work flow environment that allows marketers to review industry content; mix in their own original white papers, blog posts and other content; and easily publish them to a blog or industry portal site.

B2b-driven industry sites are a specialty of such tools. Novell Inc., for instance, uses Curata to publish its Intelligent Workload Management portal, while 3M Co. uses Curation Station to publish content about the company to its careers page.

Check out other curation companies such as StorifyCurated.By and KeepStream that pull together content on key topics—often leveraging social media such as Twitter posts as the source material—then publishing that collection to a corporate blog or website.

Content Curator Checklist.

Curators need to bundle. 
Reorder things. 
Distribute bundles. 
Update your bundles. 
Add participation widgets. 
Track Your audience. 
Reasons No one has created basic curation tools.
1. Building-cross-platform tools is difficult. 
2. Fear of platform vendors. 
3. Assumption  these features are going to be used by weirdos or professionals only.
A new monetization strategy would INSTANTLY become available for platform vendors like Twitter and Google Buzz.