Monday, April 16, 2007

White Hat "GuruMaxTV" Reviews GuruSlayer

Here is an article by my Irish friend Andrew.
He's loaded and one reason is he has put his
trust in MidPhase Webhosting...I have not yet
fully assessed MP's service, but so far they
offer an impressive array of premium features.
Read Andrew's Webucation article


Why Internet Marketing need's to be'Slapped' and
why it's time to change....
- by Andrew Fox© Andrew Fox - All Rights reserved


I can remember it all too clearly..Back in 1999,
when I began my journey online there were
only 5-10'experts' in Internet Marketing.

It was a wonderful place to live in, a safe
environment where you could work and
breathe without being poisoned with some
hypedup product.

Fast forward and the
industry,started to change. The 'sharks'
smelt blood and entered ourmarket place
and started destroying the industry..

What happened?
Simple really...Greed.
Products upon products
started to filter into the marketplace
like a tidal wave - relentless and not
caring about the damage it left in it's
wake...People running up HUGE debts
on credit cards, in some cases taking equity
out of their homes
just to become another victim of
a vicious scam.

I monitored everything, my bloodboiling
every second of the day
until it was too much.

That was when the 'Guru Slayer'was born -
a guide created foran ordinary person to
follow astep by step plan online.

Not hype, not fluff or any BS.
Short,sharp, crisp and to the point.
No high price tag, no hardselling...

I only hope it will help the marketplace
return to the state we
once had it in...

Warm Regards,Andrew Fox


Andrew Fox has been marketing online
since 1999. His latest product the'Guru Slayer'
fights back against a polluted industry
that has destroyed
the lives of many.
See his story at

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